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Heade Line

An alternative to traditional childcare.
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rustic chair and table_High_Res-8

We provide quality care and kindergarten with a difference.

  • Gentle guidance toward growth…in the GARDEN is our focus. Learning in a calm, peaceful, natural space is a lovely opportunity for city children with busy family lives.
  • Amazement - Children are encouraged to find beauty and wonder in the world through a variety of exploration and play activities. Beautiful classrooms and gardens allow them to feel a sense of security and belonging as they experience the joys and mysteries of childhood.
  • Routines - develop children’s trust and security as they eagerly anticipate what is coming next. Daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms allow children to fully experience our carefully chosen activities in a safe and predictable environment.
  • Developing through play - letting children be children – letting them play. Play is the foundation upon which our educators build and scaffold learning. Creative self-directed play is essential for developing skills, interpersonal relationships, imagination, confidence & self-esteem to make personal choices.
  • Enveloping warmth - is vital in children’s surrounding, not only in the physical environment, but also radiating from the hearts of the adults in their midst. Meaningful, open interactions enhance the acquisition of skills for life and learning.
  • Nurture - each child receives individual care within a group setting that supports and enriches their family life and culture, as well as assisting the child to develop their unique potential. This is embedded by supporting parents and their ideas, presenting a myriad of learning opportunities to children. Each Educator is actively supported to enhance their professional skills and practice.  Ideas and individual strengths are recognised within a warm, kind respectful and rewarding team environment.


DATE: 12/01/2017

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